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Started in 2004, The Hollywood Bar 1930's is an ode to a bygone era, an ideal place to sip a G&T and reminisce about the past.

Dedicated to Maharani Brinda Devi of Kapurthala, the Current Owners Maternal Grandmother, the walls adorn pictures dedicated to her by Hollywood's greatest of that time. A celebrity in her time, her visit to Hollywood was well received with stars wanting to hob-nob with the real celebrities of their time - Indian Royalty. Maharani Brinda Devi, a progressive lady for her times can be seen in both Western & Indian Attire.

From Clarke Gable to Hedy Lamarr, and everyone's favourite Laurel & Hardy, the one of its kind autographed pictures to the then "Princess" Brinda are showcased on the walls freezing in time the "Golden Age of Hollywood" dominated by the glamourous entertainers and silver screen stars with impeccable style!

Be it a Whisky Sour or Bloody Mary to get you in the right spirit, come have a drink with Hollywood's most glamourous stars!

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