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Holidays mean different things to different people. Their purpose varies and their expectations differ, but there is one thing in common-The desire to enjoy in style

Woodville is a destination for many a people, be they bollywood superstars, writers, bureaucrats, noble people, bikers, or dare devils. Every one comes here for a reason of their own.

Woodville provides a stylish detour from predictability for the seasoned traveler. For those used to their conventional travel agent conjured, standardized five start resort holiday packages, it is a pleasant surprise. For the adventurous it provides the variety and spice which is essential to make a holiday a success. It is more adventurous to unfold your holiday gradually than to have it set to routine. This is the main objective of Woodville Palace- to couple adventure and excitement with a classy holiday getaway.

For the nature lover this is a haven of delight. From the moment one walks into the walls of this splendid palace with its walls elegantly swathed in ivy, the sprawling lawns dotted with deodars fading into the twilight; history and hospitality beckon the eager traveller. If this does not seem to satiate and whet your interest in Woodville Palace, then here are some other equally enticing reasons for choosing Woodville Palace as your ideal getaway.



Woodville Palace is the ideal location for hosting marriages and wedding receptions. With its lush ivy, stretches of rose ensconced gardens and quaint turrets; Woodville is truly a romantic heritage in every sense as it sits nestled among the picturesque Himalayas. A number of weddings boasting the presence of dignitaries and historic figures from across the globe have been held at Woodville Palace. For those desirous of a truly royal wedding, Woodville is the ultimate solution when it comes to location. We also arrange for a team of experienced wedding planners who take meticulous care, as any member of your family would, to make the wedding as memorable as the classic royal aura of Woodville Palace.


Woodville has its door open not only to the art connoisseur but also to the film aficionado. This in inherent in the Hollywood Bar which boasts of autographed photographs of the 1930's Hollywood Stars such as Laurel and Hardy, Clark Gable and Marlene Dietrich to name a few. However, let's not get the idea that Woodville caters exclusively to the Hollywood movie crowd. Bollywood too has its unique place in Woodville's history.

Over twenty-five movies and two popular television serials have been shot at Woodville since this palace was converted into a classy hotel. Most of these films have won critical acclaim for their cinematography as well besides being box office winners. "Kudrat" by Chetan Anand, "Raju Chacha" by Ajay Devgun, "Badal" by Raj Kanwar and the most recent box office hit "Black" by Sanjay Leela Bhansali are the brightest glowing stars in Woodville's Bollywood galaxy. Other films that have been cinematographed at Woodville are: Bade Dilwale, Kaun Kaise, Chori Chori, Mukkadar Ka Sikander, Lootmaar, and Mohabbat Ke Dushman.

Among the television serials, the celebrated "Millee" and the megaserial "Kavyanjali" have been shot extensively in Woodville Palace.

Besides its breathtaking natural beauty, Woodville Palace provides that classic art background with its turn-of-the-century look that has made it a popular choice for filming and cinema shoots.


A Shimla Mountain Peak


Sunset on Annandale Hill, Shimla


Woodville Palace is the archetype of the rare tranquil getaway. Whether you are a philosopher, thinker, writer or a thirsty traveller in the quest for a serene and relaxing holiday, Woodville Palace provides an environment to soak in the deodar and pine scented air and sounds of nature in its full bloom as you sit nestled in the lap of ancient deodars. Woodville has its own apple orchard and an evening with a glass of freshly brewed cider as the Sun melts into the twilight is an unforgettable experience. The eyes witness the soft petals of the roses in the sprawling gardens and the unchained mind soars above the jagged and snowcapped Himalayas. The rest is for the heart to feel and cherish, making Woodville Palace a timeless hallmark in memory that would entice you to come and visit once again.